Getting Specific About Door Hardware Specifications

Posted by Mike Ryley on Jun 08, 2015

Featured on FacilityCare in April 2015.

Utilizing KaiNexus – a cloud-based platform that allows cross-office access to improvement projects – to identify and track an opportunity for improvement..


Topics: Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Design Approach

One Health System's Adaptability

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 02, 2015

Featured in Health Facilities Management, March 2014

More than 15 years ago, a new healthcare organization sprung from a growing outmigration from Trenton, NJ, into its suburbs and three hospitals.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Adaptability

Why You Need to Talk to IT Now!

Posted by Guest Contributor on Apr 15, 2015

Those of us who have been in the healthcare industry for a while will remember the 2001 and 2006 AIA Guidelines section for hospital Telecommunications and Information Systems. It was a simple..


Topics: AIA, Continuous Improvement, information technology

Selling vs. Sharing: Thought Leadership’s Affects on A/E/C Firms

Posted by Carl Davis on Apr 02, 2015

Featured in ENR’s Marketropolis blog, February 2015.

In December 2014, I had the opportunity to present at the PSMJ Industry Summit in Orlando. My presentation, “Building a Knowledge-Based...


Topics: Continuous Improvement

Healthcare Change is Here and It Is Happening Rapidly

Posted by Noah Tolson on Jan 27, 2015

At Array, we focus exclusively on the design of environments to support healthcare. This specificity presents interesting challenges these days – as the world of healthcare continues to change in.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Management Series

Keeping Respect at the Forefront - A Lesson in Lean Healthcare

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jan 11, 2015


That’s my key takeaway from the one-week Lean Healthcare West green belt training I attended in Greenville, South Carolina.  Specifically, respect for the patient, their family and all.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean, Green Belt, Continuous Improvement

Designing for Infection Prevention at Outpatient Surgery Centers

Posted by Guest Contributor on Dec 16, 2014

Featured in Medical Construction & Design, November 2014.

Not one of us undergoes a surgical procedure with the hope of walking out the door with an infection along with their medical bill......READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Central Sterile Processing, Healthcare Planning

AIA Recognition for Academic and Design Excellence

Posted by Guest Contributor on Dec 12, 2014

The American Institute of Architects' Pennsylvania chapter included student awards at their annual awards gala at a Barnes Museum November 12, 2014. 


Topics: AIA, Continuous Improvement

The Ever-Changing Huddle

Posted by Laura Silvoy on Nov 06, 2014

When Array first implemented a daily huddle about six months ago, there were no indications that it would evolve as much as it has. In the beginning, the daily huddle involved the design staff who.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement

3D Design Challenge Series, Part III

Posted by Guest Contributor on Nov 04, 2014

After several weeks of deliberations and, consultation with experts from the design and 3D printing world, Array is ready to reveal the winners of the 3D design challenge. This challenge took.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, makerbot, 3D printing