Design Creativity in Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies

Posted by Guest Contributor on Oct 17, 2014

On the surface, the notion of design creativity seems diametrically opposed to the systematic rigor in Lean and Six Sigma. However, a deeper look at design creativity or the creation of design,.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Healing Environment, Lean Design, Design Approach, Lean Six Sigma

The Story Behind Choosing Patient Unit Flooring

Posted by Laura Morris on Oct 07, 2014

The importance of being good stewards of our clients' resources and being their advocate when choices are to be made that last upwards of 20 years are responsiblities we take seriously and provide.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, flooring choices, no-wax floor

Design by the Numbers: Discrete Event Simulation in a Surgery Center

Posted by Laura Silvoy on Jul 09, 2014

The role of Industrial Engineers does not traditionally involve work in the architecture or healthcare industries. Presently, however, given the high rate of healthcare costs in America, the.....READ MORE

Topics: simulation, Continuous Improvement, Surgery Center

Healthcare for Women Veterans - an Emerging Market

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Jun 17, 2014

The Veterans Administration (VA) has recognized the importance of providing female-specific services and has embarked on a national initiative to invest in VA Women’s Health Services. Their.....READ MORE

Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare Design, Continuous Improvement, womens healthcare

Architecture Intern Development Program

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 10, 2014

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” — the essence of Array’s Intern Development Program (IDP). In my 20+ years as an Architect.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Design Careers, Internship

3D Design Challenge Series, Part I

Posted by Guest Contributor on May 29, 2014

To enhance Array's strong design culture and provide a forum for mentorship, the firm's practice area leaders began a 3D Design Challenge series. Staff members formally submitted design concepts.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, makerbot, 3D printing

Firm Reflection and View to the Future of Designing for Healthcare

Posted by Carl Davis on May 07, 2014

I am often asked my thoughts on where I see Array’s practice five years out, causing me to reflect on from where the firm has come. Our founders were once part of the design arm of one of the.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

Implementing Continuous Improvement on a Daily Basis at Array

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Apr 24, 2014

In an effort to improve communication and efficiency amongst our designers, and to ensure that our team is happy with the work they are doing, a daily “huddle” has been implemented.The design.....READ MORE

Topics: Planning, Architecture, communication, Lean, Healthcare Design, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement

Hospitals Are Taking a Leadership Role in Wastewater

Posted by Kent Doss on Apr 14, 2014

Featured in Healthcare Global, October 2, 2013.

We know trace amounts of runoff from hospitals and long-term care facilities reaches potable water. Drinking water in 24 major metropolitan areas.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, Sustainability, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, waste water, Advisory Services

Setting a New Trend: Live Audience Polling at ENR's NYC Pulse Conference

Posted by Jeffrey Drucker on Apr 10, 2014

On February 26, 2014, I moderated a panel of experts for the McGraw Hill/Engineering News Record's " The Pulse 5 - The Future of Healthcare" in NYC. The conference explored issues currently.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, polling, Healthcare Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Architects, Continuous Improvement, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

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