Implementing Continuous Improvement on a Daily Basis at Array

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Apr 24, 2014

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Array Team Perfroming a Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle

In an effort to improve communication and efficiency amongst our designers, and to ensure that our team is happy with the work they are doing, a daily “huddle” has been implemented.The design team meets each morning to have an open discussion about their daily goals, plans and productivity. What we have found so far in the beginning stages of this process is that devoting just ten minutes each morning to sync up, set priorities and cascade information throughout the company has already helped save time and improve communication.In every huddle, team members are encouraged to give “shout outs” to their coworkers for doing something well. Anyone with a personal or project-related announcement is welcomed to share with the group. The sharing of knowledge regarding lessons learned on a project is especially encouraged and suggestions for improvement are also welcomed. An added benefit of the daily huddle is that our team is really getting to know, understand and better trust each other. At the end of the discussion, the team is asked if they have laughed or had fun at some point throughout the day and almost everyone raises their hand. In sharing their thoughts with each other, the group has boosted their sense of community.

Please visit our Continuous Improvement LinkedIn page to learn more about this new process.

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