Pat Malick

I am Array’s Practice Leader for Interior Design and a founding principal with over 20 years in healthcare design. I’m passionate about collaboration: with my fellow planners, designers and architects, our client leaders, clinicians and especially patient and family advisory groups. The energy and point of view each person brings to the conversation motivates me every day. I’m excited to be part of the movement bringing forth the most compelling evidence to make every space safe, welcoming and engaging.
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MedSpas: Outstanding Patient Experiences Brought to Life

Posted by Pat Malick on Jun 10, 2019

As our healthcare clients look for avenues to enhance their presence in a saturated marketplace, MedSpas have emerged as one way to achieve that goal. In the US alone, MedSpas are a $3.5-4B.....READ MORE

Topics: patient experience, medspa, Tower Health

Empathy & Experiential Approach to Pediatric Behavioral Health Spaces

Posted by Pat Malick on Mar 23, 2018

Across the US, the demand for inpatient behavioral health services continues to surge, particularly within the child and adolescent demographic. According to a CDC/NCHS study, 6% of youth ages 12.....READ MORE

Topics: Pediatrics, Behavioral Health Design

Benefits of Patient Tower Renovations

Posted by Pat Malick on Jan 23, 2018

Patient tower renovations continue to be a necessary and viable option for health systems to consider. Whether land-locked, fiscally-constrained or limited by licensed bed allowances, upgrading.....READ MORE

Topics: Patient Tower Improvements

Experience Mapping the Healing Environment

Posted by Pat Malick on Dec 17, 2015

When undertaking an intensive bed tower renovation, hospital leaders must weigh the investment cost against anticipated gained efficiencies, as well as often overdue improvements to patient and..


Topics: Continuous Improvement, patient experience, case study

The Purpose Behind an Interiors Standards Program

Posted by Pat Malick on Feb 27, 2015



Topics: Facility Planning, Healthcare Design

Array Engages Employees with Empathy Mapping

Posted by Pat Malick on Oct 13, 2014

When we lead our clients through visioning sessions to explore the desired look, feel and functionality of their environments, we use empathy and amenity mapping and top dot exercises to engage...


Topics: Empathy Mapping

The Healing Power of Art

Posted by Pat Malick on Jun 27, 2014

Featured in Medical Construction + Design, June 19, 2014.
Environments have the power to set our expectations, lift our spirits and inspire hope.  The design of the interior environment can...

Topics: Art and Healthcare, Healing Environment, healing garden

Comforts of Home: Furnishing a Health Care Setting

Posted by Pat Malick on Nov 01, 2013

Published by Healthcare Construction + Operations, October 2013

In every space people use, furniture is needed and creates an impression. For a space to be functional as well as healing,.....READ MORE

Topics: furniture, Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Continuous Improvement, Advisory Services, Healing Environment

The Retail Experience of Healthcare

Posted by Pat Malick on Oct 04, 2013

By Paula Crowley (Co-Founder, Anchor Health Properties) & Patricia Malick, CHID, EDAC, Lean Green Belt

Published in Facility Care, June 2012

Location. Location. Location.Much like a neighborhood.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, retail, Continuous Improvement

Mapping What Matters: an Empathy-Driven Approach to Cancer Care Environments

Posted by Pat Malick on Apr 29, 2013

Published by Healthcare Design, August 2014.

As a healthcare interior designer I’ve always seen myself as an advocate. I think we bring our best efforts forth to our clients when we can imagine.....READ MORE

Topics: Empathy Mapping, Architecture, Evidence Based Design (EBD), Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Cancer Care, Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, healing garden