The Complexity of an Inpatient Dialysis Unit

Posted by Darren Conlen on Feb 06, 2018

Array’s recently completed Inpatient Dialysis project at NewYork-Presbyterian significantly benefited from ourlean design process analysis of an existing Dialysis Unit within the Hospital. The scope.....READ MORE

Topics: dialysis, case study, inpatient, patient care, dialysis unit efficiency

Emergency Department Master Planning

Posted by Guest Contributor on Feb 28, 2017

No matter the size, scope or phase of a project, each one can benefit from Array’s process-driven lean design approach; even when the project is a departmental master plan. Thinking about our.....READ MORE

Topics: Master Planning, Emergency Services, case study

Converting a Medical/Surgery Unit to Suit Behavioral Health Standards

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jan 20, 2017

This blog was featured in MC+D's December 2018 E-Newsletter. Read that version here. 

As part of a multi-site Behavioral Health Initiative (BHI) for Mercy Health, Array converted a shuttered med/surg.....READ MORE

Topics: Patient Environment, case study, Behavioral Health Design

Experience Mapping the Healing Environment

Posted by Pat Malick on Dec 17, 2015

When undertaking an intensive bed tower renovation, hospital leaders must weigh the investment cost against anticipated gained efficiencies, as well as often overdue improvements to patient and..


Topics: Continuous Improvement, patient experience, case study

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