Emergency Department Master Planning

Posted by Guest Contributor on Feb 28, 2017

No matter the size, scope or phase of a project, each one can benefit from Array’s process-driven lean design approach; even when the project is a departmental master plan. Thinking about our.....READ MORE

Topics: Master Planning, Emergency Services, case study

Flow Improvement Opportunities for an Inefficient Emergency Department

Posted by Guest Contributor on Mar 28, 2016

Emergency medicine is in a state of crisis throughout the country due to overcrowding and ever lengthening wait times. Due to the Affordable Care Act, the demand is only expected to increase as.....READ MORE

Topics: Operations Improvement, Emergency Services

Enhancing an Emergency Department for Our Veterans

Posted by Guest Contributor on Feb 10, 2016

Each day, I experience healthcare from the designer's standpoint. I visit hospitals and healthcare centers every week for project meetings, walkthroughs, presentations, survey work and punch listing


Topics: Emergency Services, veterans affairs, urban ED

Daytime ER Visits Jump Due to Sweltering Temperatures

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jul 31, 2013

Ashley Gold, Associate Editor atFierce Healthcare reports that emergency rooms in California have observed different trends than usual in heat-related ER visits as temperatures have gone past 100.....READ MORE

Topics: Healthcare Design, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Emergency Services

Greater Efficiency and Savings Through Observation Unit Utilization

Posted by Guest Contributor on Sep 28, 2012

Recent studies in Health Affairs (1) and supported by the Advisory Board Company (2) express the efficiency of using observation units. These units can be more efficient for providing care to certain.....READ MORE

Topics: Planning, Architecture, Specialty Architecture, Healthcare Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), renovation, hospitals, Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Advisory Services, Emergency Services

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