Infusing Efficiency in a Lab with No Downtime

Posted by Wendy Jaffe on Jul 19, 2016

A hospital laboratory is one department which is relied upon by almost every other department throughout the facility. There is often no time for downtime, which results in complicated construction..


Topics: Operations Improvement, Laboratory Design

Flow Improvement Opportunities for an Inefficient Emergency Department

Posted by Guest Contributor on Mar 28, 2016

Emergency medicine is in a state of crisis throughout the country due to overcrowding and ever lengthening wait times. Due to the Affordable Care Act, the demand is only expected to increase as.....READ MORE

Topics: Operations Improvement, Emergency Services

How Design Process Influences a Healthcare Facility’s Life Cycle Costs

Posted by Guest Contributor on Aug 10, 2015

In a previous lifetime, I worked for a large architecture firm that provided rollout retail work. While I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed this type of work very much, I did learn a lesson..


Topics: Healthcare Design, Operations Improvement, Design Approach

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