Healthcare Programming 2.0

Posted by Guest Contributor on Oct 04, 2017

Whenever a new project starts, the client is excited about the prospect of a new unit or building designed for them. So much so that I sometimes think the clinicians might show up to the first.....READ MORE

Topics: Programming Software, Design Approach, Visual Programming, Component-Driven Programming

Zoning for Ambulatory Care Center Optimization

Posted by Julia Savastinuk on Feb 22, 2016

Featured in Medical Construction & Design's December 2015 Newsletter

A busy block in Brooklyn is the site of an Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) under construction. When a neighborhood such as this..


Topics: Ambulatory Care, Design Approach, Zoning

Benefits of a Long-Term Client Relationship

Posted by Guest Contributor on Nov 26, 2015

When the firm is awarded its first 'win' with a new client, the excitement is palpable. It is rewarding to be recognized by the client as worthy of their time to start a new relationship and teach a..


Topics: Pediatrics, Design Approach, Client standards

Top 10 Considerations for Designing a Pediatric Waiting Room

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Nov 18, 2015

Featured in FacilityCare, October 2015

The design of pediatric healthcare facilities presents a myriad of design considerations and opportunities beyond those addressed in the adult realm. Today’s..


Topics: Pediatrics, Design Approach, waiting rooms

Accommodating Community & Hospital Needs System-Wide, Part 2

Posted by Guest Contributor on Nov 04, 2015

Large healthcare organizations that are actively merging with and/or acquiring facilities, as well as building new ground-up facilities for better healthcare offerings, need to consider overall..


Topics: Facility Planning, Healthcare Design, Master Planning, Adaptability, Design Approach

Integrated Project Delivery: Redefining Success

Posted by Guest Contributor on Aug 18, 2015

By all accounts, Array’s most recent IPD project was a success. The team met the project goals and metrics; and staff and patients were delighted. It was under budget and on schedule. Nevertheless,..


Topics: Design Approach, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

How Design Process Influences a Healthcare Facility’s Life Cycle Costs

Posted by Guest Contributor on Aug 10, 2015

In a previous lifetime, I worked for a large architecture firm that provided rollout retail work. While I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed this type of work very much, I did learn a lesson..


Topics: Healthcare Design, Operations Improvement, Design Approach

The Importance of Creating Team Focus

Posted by James Britt on Jul 27, 2015

Designing a new building is an undertaking that demands time, expertise and vision from all involved. Many on the owner’s team find themselves taking on important new roles and tasks in addition to..


Topics: Teamwork, Design Approach, Collaboration

Getting Specific About Door Hardware Specifications

Posted by Mike Ryley on Jun 08, 2015

Featured on FacilityCare in April 2015.

Utilizing KaiNexus – a cloud-based platform that allows cross-office access to improvement projects – to identify and track an opportunity for improvement..


Topics: Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Design Approach

Simulation in Healthcare Architecture Series #3

Posted by Laura Moran on Mar 03, 2015

What is the architect’s role in simulation?

My two most recent blogs in this series explored the benefits of simulation and three critical components of simulation modeling. This post makes the..


Topics: Discrete Event Simulation, Design Approach, Healthcare Planning, Data Driven Design

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