Environmental Graphic Design: Transforming a Space into an Experience

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jan 06, 2015

Environmental Graphic Design (EGD): What is it exactly?

Wikipedia defines EGD as a design profession embracing many design disciplines including graphic design, architecture, industrial design and...


Topics: Design Approach, Environmental Graphic Design

Design Creativity in Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies

Posted by Guest Contributor on Oct 17, 2014

On the surface, the notion of design creativity seems diametrically opposed to the systematic rigor in Lean and Six Sigma. However, a deeper look at design creativity or the creation of design,.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Healing Environment, Lean Design, Design Approach, Lean Six Sigma

Client-Focused Design

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 27, 2013

As healthcare architects, we work closely with providers to help support their mission of delivering excellent, patient-centered care. With HCAHPS scores impacting reimbursement, hospitals are...


Topics: Planning, Healthcare Design, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Advisory Services, Design Approach

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