Rapid Adaptation: Redesigning a VA Community Living Center to Contend with COVID-19

Posted by Jay Pelton on Sep 08, 2021

Co-authored by Morgan Young.

In 2019, the Lebanon, PA Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center tapped Miller Remick and Array Architects to design and construct a Community Living Center (CLC) that.....READ MORE

Topics: designing for COVID-19

3 Design Considerations for Hospitals Built in Hurricane Zones

Posted by Kent Doss on Aug 24, 2021

Recent work at Array prompted our design team to compile crucial guidance for designing facilities in hurricane zones. For example, a health facility located on a tropical island requires.....READ MORE

Topics: Sustainability

Designing Behavioral Health Environments to Avoid Seclusion

Posted by Jon Sell on Jul 30, 2021

An emerging best practice for behavioral health environments is to design spaces that minimize or eliminate areas where patients are secluded or restrained. The aim is to develop an environment.....READ MORE

Topics: Behavioral Health Design

Landlocked Campus? Overbuild Solution!

Posted by Cheryl Woo on Feb 23, 2021

As a healthcare architect, I get to see every day how powerful specialty care can be for the patients being treated in highly specialized hospitals. It is not every day that we are able to design.....READ MORE

Topics: overbuild, inpatient

Enhancing the Check-In Process for Healthier, Happier and More Productive Staff

Posted by Hannah Berman on Jan 27, 2021

Welcome to our Clinician-Centered Design blog series, where we showcase guidance and design strategies to mitigate staff burnout, promote well-being and quantify the impact design solutions. Start...


Topics: clinician centered design

Respite: an Essential Need for Essential Workers

Posted by Elizabeth Ochal on Dec 17, 2020

Authors Diana Louden and Lauren Michaels contributed to this piece.

Imagine yourself as a nurse, nine hours into your 12-hour ICU shift. After watching your favorite patient take an unexpected.....READ MORE

Topics: respite healthcare design, healthcare burnout, clinician centered design

Setting the Stage for Clinician-Centered Design

Posted by Clairanne Pesce on Dec 01, 2020

While patient experience, satisfaction and recovery rates are wise metrics to evaluate a health system, there are routine occupants that simply need a more supportive built environment: the...


Eliminating Rework by Taking Advantage of Prefabrication

Posted by Cheryl Woo on Nov 23, 2020

Our team at Array designed prefabricated exterior panels to clad the 473,000 SF medical center. Aside from one spot where a steel support was installed at the wrong elevation and resulted in an.....READ MORE

Topics: Healthcare Design, prefabrication

How To Reimagine The Outpatient Setting Amid COVID-19

Posted by Pat Malick on Oct 22, 2020

First ran in HealthcareDesign Magazine, July 2020. 

Stay-at-home orders and an intense focus on flattening the curve led many outpatient facilities to close their doors during the first few months.....READ MORE

Topics: Ambulatory Care, COVID-19 Outpatient

Making a Difference: Renovating a Pediatric Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit

Posted by Guest Contributor on Sep 22, 2020

Behavioral healthcare remains an underfunded service line, and Array strives to promote the important work of our clients who are focusing on this stigmatized specialty. In recent years, we’ve...


Topics: Behavioral Health Design, pediatric design

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