The Benefits of Converting to Private Patient Rooms

Posted by Brent Huebner on May 15, 2018

Across the nation, hospitals continue to see a decreasing need for medical/surgical patient rooms, but at the same time an increase in competition to fill the rooms that remain. To compete to fill.....READ MORE

Topics: private patient room

Data Gathering in Advance of Array’s Expansion

Posted by Guest Contributor on May 07, 2018

An ever-evolving and continuously improving firm needs to take stock of its own spaces just as it recommends it clients do. Three years ago, we moved from King of Prussia to Conshohocken – both.....READ MORE

Topics: Current State Mapping

Team Array Extends Wellness Initiative

Posted by Jeffrey Drucker on Apr 27, 2018

It has always been important to me to stand up and support organizations for a worthy cause and I have always been a supporter of, and personally invested in, promoting health and healthy.....READ MORE

Life’s Journey and Where It Takes You

Posted by Irwin Silverman on Apr 03, 2018

The New York City area has no plans to slow down in the healthcare development arena and my decision to join Array hinges on the design and construction foundation around which I have built my.....READ MORE

Topics: Building Conditions, Built Environment

Empathy & Experiential Approach to Pediatric Behavioral Health Spaces

Posted by Pat Malick on Mar 23, 2018

Across the US, the demand for inpatient behavioral health services continues to surge, particularly within the child and adolescent demographic. According to a CDC/NCHS study, 6% of youth ages 12.....READ MORE

Topics: Pediatrics, Behavioral Health Design

Mock-Ups Provide a True Sense of Size and Functionality

Posted by Adrian Negron on Mar 20, 2018

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) tasked my team in Array’s Dallas office with renovating its medical student carrels. This project includes approximately 20,000 SF of.....READ MORE

Topics: renovation, mock-ups

Interior Design Licensure

Posted by Hannah Vought on Mar 07, 2018

My colleague, Leah Brown, discussed the gratifying experience of being an NCDIQ exam grader and being responsible for upholding interior design standards in her blog, Maintaining Interior Design.....READ MORE

Topics: Licensure, Interior Design

Top 5 Healthcare Trends

Posted by Kent Doss on Feb 21, 2018

Originally published as part of Healthcare Design Magazine's Take 5 series in August 2017, this blog shares my thoughts on what I consider top healthcare trends: making the most of data gathering,.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Trends, Healthcare

The Complexity of an Inpatient Dialysis Unit

Posted by Darren Conlen on Feb 06, 2018

Array’s recently completed Inpatient Dialysis project at NewYork-Presbyterian significantly benefited from our lean design process analysis of an existing Dialysis Unit within the Hospital. The.....READ MORE

Topics: dialysis, case study, inpatient, patient care

Benefits of Patient Tower Renovations

Posted by Pat Malick on Jan 23, 2018

Patient tower renovations continue to be a necessary and viable option for health systems to consider. Whether land-locked, fiscally-constrained or limited by licensed bed allowances, upgrading.....READ MORE

Topics: Patient Tower Improvements

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