When Going Vertical in the Emergency Department Makes Sense

Posted by Nic Husbands on Sep 10, 2018

With treatment space at a premium and census growing steadily each year, our client knew creative solutions and swift implementation was needed. Array’s team mapped the patient experience with.....READ MORE

Topics: mock-ups, emergency department, vertical treatment

Navigating Value Engineering: Substituting Without Sacrificing Design

Posted by Diana Louden on Aug 16, 2018

We cringe when we hear the term “value engineering (VE)” because, typically for interiors, VE has become synonymous with splicing, dicing and eliminating beautiful design details and finishes.....READ MORE

Topics: Interior Design, value engineering

Visualizing the Design Process: Part II

Posted by Alec Higinbotham on Aug 01, 2018

In our last post, we examined some visualization tools – like the Enscape real-time renderer – that have allowed Array Architects to facilitate and enhance the design process

Watch on to discover.....READ MORE

Topics: virtual reality, design process

Visualizing the Design Process: Part I

Posted by Alec Higinbotham on Jul 19, 2018

The concept of “virtual reality” is not new, but its application within the design-construct environmenthas only very recently come to the forefront of industry attention. Stereoscopic viewers.....READ MORE

Topics: virtual reality, design process

Professional Development - What a Difference a Year Makes!

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jul 10, 2018

This is a story about an afternoon that changed my life. It was April 2017. I was finishing up my senior year at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. I was in my usual spot – my.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Careers

Mind the Gap 2018 Healthcare Design Conference

Posted by Jennifer Matthews on Jun 07, 2018


Saturday, April 7th, 2018, Array Architects hosted its second Mind the Gap event at the Herman Miller Showcase Room in Washington, DC. The event's title, "Mind the Gap," originates from the.....READ MORE

Topics: Mind the Gap

IPD: An Action Guide for Leaders

Posted by Carl Davis on Jun 05, 2018

Array has long been an advocate of looking for ways to improve our contribution to our clients’ value chain. While there are many ways to do this, we believe that embracing the Integrated Project.....READ MORE

Topics: Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

The Benefits of Converting to Private Patient Rooms

Posted by Brent Huebner on May 15, 2018

Across the nation, hospitals continue to see a decreasing need for medical/surgical patient rooms, but at the same time an increase in competition to fill the rooms that remain. To compete to fill.....READ MORE

Topics: private patient room

Data Gathering in Advance of Array’s Expansion

Posted by Guest Contributor on May 07, 2018

An ever-evolving and continuously improving firm needs to take stock of its own spaces just as it recommends it clients do. Three years ago, we moved from King of Prussia to Conshohocken – both.....READ MORE

Topics: Current State Mapping

Team Array Extends Wellness Initiative

Posted by Jeffrey Drucker on Apr 27, 2018

It has always been important to me to stand up and support organizations for a worthy cause and I have always been a supporter of, and personally invested in, promoting health and healthy.....READ MORE

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