Hannah Berman

When I was very young, my family spent a lot of time in hospitals because my sister had to have surgery, and I had a hard time understanding why the hospital was such an intimidating place. It could have been the environment, the chaos of the hospital, the stress on my family or a combination of it all. After my sister’s surgeries were successfully completed, I didn’t find myself in a hospital until my grandfather was in hospice care. I had an epiphany of sorts when I first visited my grandfather in the hospital. The wing was so calm and comfortable; I finally realized everything a hospital could be. The contrast between the two experiences drove home how strongly design influences our experience; I learned that a hospital didn’t have to be a scary and intimidating place. It was during this time I realized I wanted a career in healthcare design. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with my interior design degree and a minor in art history, which provided insight into how architecture and design reflect cultural changes through history. Despite my love for designing interiors, my passion has always been healthcare and I have avoided residential interiors. You’ll never find me watching HGTV!

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