Patient and Family Experience

Posted by Tim Nichols on Sep 12, 2017

Being a hospital patient can be a stressful and scary experience for both patient and family. The patients find themselves pulled from their comfort zone and can easily feel separated from loved.....READ MORE

Topics: Healthcare Design, patient experience, inpatient

From Mowing the Lawn to Designing Hospitals

Posted by Guest Contributor on Nov 07, 2016

I know what you’re thinking, how did mowing the lawn lead to me designing hospitals?


Topics: Healthcare Design, patient experience

The Optimal Nursing Unit Size and Configuration

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Sep 02, 2016

There are many factors to consider when evaluating medical/surgical (med/surg) nursing unit size and configuration, including the number of beds per unit; staffing levels; patient acuity levels;..


Topics: patient experience, Nursing Unit

Connecting Experience, Behavior and Strategy: Part 1

Posted by Kent Doss on Aug 24, 2016

One of the most challenging tasks that architects face is how to convey design intent in a way that transcends aesthetics (which can be deeply personal and sometimes divisive) by describing the..


Topics: Evidence Based Design (EBD), patient experience, Behavioral Health Design

My Travels With Dad: The Patient Experience & Waiting Environment

Posted by Laura Morris on Jun 16, 2016

In a previous post, I described how my mother’s battles with cancer led me to see healthcare environments differently. That journey really made me reflect on my design approach and made me want..


Topics: waiting rooms, patient experience

Experience Design in Senior Behavioral Healthcare

Posted by Stephanie Story on Jun 06, 2016

Many of us will need to evaluate senior care for a loved one at some point in our adult lives. We also may need there to be a behavioral health component as part of that care model. My intuition..


Topics: Interior Design, patient experience, Behavioral Health Design

Experience Mapping the Healing Environment

Posted by Pat Malick on Dec 17, 2015

When undertaking an intensive bed tower renovation, hospital leaders must weigh the investment cost against anticipated gained efficiencies, as well as often overdue improvements to patient and..


Topics: Continuous Improvement, patient experience, case study

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