The Story Behind Choosing Patient Unit Flooring

Posted by Pat Malick on Oct 07, 2014

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The importance of being good stewards of our clients' resources and being their advocate when choices are to be made that last upwards of 20 years are responsiblities we take seriously and provide recommendations only after thorough evaluation of viable options.

One of the most important finish choices a healthcare facility must make is on the flooring types they will use. We assist with evaluations through many lenses -  durablility, sustainability, maintainability and appearance - and always keep cost in mind. 

Materials need to stand the test of time, from both durable and aesthetic viewpoints. We are responsible for educating our clients on the many options and maintenance needs of the myriad of flooring available for healthcare. The options are ever-growing, and luckily, becoming more and more earth and people-friendly each year.

Array Team Choosing Flooring in Health Facility

Collaborating with the client on a flooring mock-up can be an ideal way to show all stakeholders their options, while also test driving the materials in an active healing environment. This video follows Array's team as we tests various flooring materials at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. 

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