The Path to Architecture Licensure

Posted by Guest Contributor on Feb 07, 2017

As an emerging professional in the field of architecture, I find that the most rewarding experiences come from the ability to make a difference in the lives we serve and the future of the.....READ MORE

Topics: Licensure, Architecture, ARE, AIA, Emerging Professionals, Scholarship

Why You Need to Talk to IT Now!

Posted by Guest Contributor on Apr 15, 2015

Those of us who have been in the healthcare industry for a while will remember the 2001 and 2006 AIA Guidelines section for hospital Telecommunications and Information Systems. It was a simple..


Topics: AIA, Continuous Improvement, information technology

AIA Recognition for Academic and Design Excellence

Posted by Guest Contributor on Dec 12, 2014

The American Institute of Architects' Pennsylvania chapter included student awards at their annual awards gala at a Barnes Museum November 12, 2014. 


Topics: AIA, Continuous Improvement

Strategies in Successfully Earning Your Architectural Registration License

Posted by Guest Contributor on Mar 17, 2014

You can always find a reason to delay licensure but ultimately it is just an excuse

Becoming a licensed architect is a lengthy process, and a road often plagued with many twists and turns– a few of.....READ MORE

Topics: Licensure, Architecture, ARE, AIA, Continuous Improvement, Architecture Licensure

Support of New York City Revit Users Group

Posted by Guest Contributor on Mar 11, 2014

As president of the New York City Revit User Group (NYCRUG), I am proud to be associated with Array Architects and our decision to support NYCRUG with a significant contribution of in-kind services......READ MORE

Topics: AIA, Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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