Sara Duncan

My passion for healthcare design stems from personal experiences that have allowed me to engage design and the healthcare system from the patient’s perspective. I believe it is imperative that we as designers are empathetic to and understand the spaces we are creating. My passion today is supported by my pursuit of a master degree with emphasis in healthcare as well as a dedication to healthcare design from the onset of my career and education. As a designer, my goal is to seamlessly integrate the innovate designs we create aimed at the efficacy of care while simultaneously enhancing each patient’s experience in their built environment. I believe communication is fundamental to any team’s success, and critical in building client relationships and delivering projects that meet goals sought out by the team as a whole. When I’m not designing, I also enjoy working with Uplift, Center for Grieving Children as the Young Professionals Board Marketing Chair.

Recent Posts

Linear Accelerator Design: Going Beyond the Equipment Manual

Posted by Sara Duncan on Jan 08, 2020

Designing a Linear Accelerator (Linac) tends to be one of the more complicated projects you come across in diagnostic imaging. There is an abundance of information, critical milestones for.....READ MORE

Topics: Linac design, linear accelerator design

Strategy Planning for an Off-Site Facility to House Support Services

Posted by Sara Duncan on Dec 19, 2018

Co-authored by Lisa Lipschutz, a Principal & Senior Healthcare Planner with Array.

Most hospital campuses grow organically, and often become land-locked over time. With this growth, ancillary.....READ MORE

Topics: warehouse, Support Services, Offsite

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