Dan Russell

Dan was drawn to planning from the beginning of his career in Chicago more than a decade ago. Since moving to New York City to join the Array team, he has developed a new sense of “efficiency of space” both in a clinical and residential application. However, he still approaches a project in the same way, knowing that the strongest designs come from a thorough understanding of the work flows and processes within a department or facility. With a solid foundation of the intended operation of the project, he can lead all stakeholders through the design process and create a solution that is specifically tailored to their idealized operational and clinical care model. With projects ranging both across the country and the world, Dan brings a wealth experience for projects of all sizes ranging from strategic systemwide masterplans, complete replacement hospitals, and facility level master plans to smaller renovations of individual departments, imaging modality suites and physician clinics. On the weekends he can often be found with a guitar or book in hand or planning his next scuba diving trip.

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Healthcare Programming 2.0

Posted by Dan Russell on Oct 04, 2017

Whenever a new project starts, the client is excited about the prospect of a new unit or building designed for them. So much so that I sometimes think the clinicians might show up to the first.....READ MORE

Topics: Programming Software, Design Approach, Visual Programming, Component-Driven Programming