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My journey to becoming Array’s Videographer and Photographer was a little untraditional. I graduated from a small private college with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital Media Production in hopes of becoming a documentary filmmaker, producing videos that would “make change.” After working in a social services position for two years, I realized it wasn’t for me and interviewed for a temporary administrative position with Array. Upon hearing of my film degree, our CEO asked me to edit on-site video footage, which led to me shooting and editing footage while simultaneously working in administration. Eventually Array offered me a full-time position and I am now responsible for all of Array’s video and internal photography production. I am whole-heartedly grateful for my job at Array, as it has allowed me to do what I love and promote the work of innovative healthcare designers who are certainly making change!

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Video Marketing for the Digital Age

Posted by Katie Breiter on Nov 28, 2017

The first video-sharing site,, founded in 1997, was ahead of its time. While it disbanded in 2001 due to bandwidth limitations and financial insecurity, it paved the way for sites.....READ MORE

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