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I am a business-minded person who is creative at heart. With 20 years of business growth and market share expansion experience, I find that my successes are a result of out of the box, innovative thinking. I love getting to know our clients, understanding their challenges and working collaboratively with them to reach their goals. The relationship-building aspect of what I do as the Vice President of Business Development affords me the opportunity to share pertinent information and best practices I have learned through my travels.
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New Office Space to Support Rapid Growth - Times Three!

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Sep 25, 2018

I am pleased to announce the expansion of three of our eight Array offices this fall as our staff grows rapidly to serve an ever-widening cache of healthcare clients...READ MORE

Topics: Array Office Expansions

Ambulatory Care: New England's Wicked Challenges

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Dec 20, 2017

This blog concludes a three-part synopsis of a brainstorming session about ambulatory care facility development that Array co-sponsored in New England. As covered in Parts one and two, there are.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Trends, Ambulatory Care, infrastructure, Design Challenges

Ambulatory Care Trends: New England & Beyond

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Feb 17, 2017

Two months ago, I posted a blog about a roundtable with Boston-area hospital leaders. Two major takeaways were the ambulatory care trends in the industry and the challenges about expanding......READ MORE

Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

Taking the Pulse of Healthcare Real Estate Strategies

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Dec 19, 2016

Array recently co-sponsored an event about how healthcare institutions in New England, primarily the Boston Area, are approaching ambulatory care. We invited a cross section of developers,.....READ MORE

Topics: healthcare reform, outpatient strategy

Pausing to Reflect on the Importance of Knowledge Sharing

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Jul 28, 2016

Array's healthcare industry experts understand and embrace the movement to share information for mass consumption. Easily digestible blogs, in-depth videos, quick-hitting podcasts and the like..


Topics: Knowledge Sharing, Management Series, video

Knowledge Sharing Among Healthcare Industry Experts: Project Delivery

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Jun 04, 2015

Featured in BloovanConnect and Medical Construction + Design in September 2015.

In April 2015, our group of healthcare facility leaders reconvened having previously met in December 2014 and ...


Topics: Healthcare Design, Deloitte, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

Knowledge Sharing Among Healthcare Industry Experts: Ambulatory Care Part 2

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Mar 19, 2015

When the group reconvened in February 2015, we took the discussion a step further, getting into the nitty gritty details of site selection. Delving into this topic with perspectives from a..


Topics: real estate, Deloitte

Knowledge Sharing Among Healthcare Industry Experts: Ambulatory Care Part 1

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Mar 18, 2015

In leading a design firm’s business development initiatives, I closely follow healthcare delivery trends and how clients look to better serve their patients and communities, and how facilities..


Topics: real estate, Healthcare

Friend or Foe?

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Oct 25, 2013

Learning from and sharing knowledge with other industry professionals, even the competition, is what makes us all better at what we do

Focusing solely on the healthcare market, many methodologies.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, technology, Healthcare Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Knowledge Sharing, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare

Client-Focused Design

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Jun 27, 2013

As healthcare architects, we work closely with providers to help support their mission of delivering excellent, patient-centered care. With HCAHPS scores impacting reimbursement, hospitals are...


Topics: Planning, Healthcare Design, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Advisory Services, Design Approach