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Dr. Deborah Franqui has vast experience in Healthcare Design Architecture and Research. By employing an evidence-based design process, she captures clients’ needs and expectations, while simultaneously assisting in the industry’s development of research-informed best design practices. The strategies and concepts that continue to emerge from her research are translated to client specifics and in turn lead to design innovations. Her extensive work in post-occupancy evaluation encompasses over 30 Departments across ten facilities, which include. Deborah is delighted to join the Array team and looks forward to demonstrating her passion for collaboration, exploration, empathy, innovation, and design excellence.
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How Post Occupancy Evaluations Advance Healthcare Design

Posted by Deborah Franqui on Jun 10, 2020

As architects specializing in healthcare, we long to create built environments that make a mark both aesthetically and operationally. We want to design a space that is scientifically measured to...


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