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I became a designer not for the building type, but for the people. Early on, the premise of making health easier to attain – alongside the built environment – became my mission and cornerstone as a designer. People are the reason buildings exist, therefore buildings should enhance and promote life, not hinder it. Looking at health on a large scale, I believe that by addressing wellness through better building materials, accessibility, clean air, better lighting and policies to fuel those qualities, we will directly influence the majority at the micro level. There is no greater accomplishment than knowing you made someone’s life better, or more comfortable through design.
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Setting the Stage for Clinician-Centered Design

Posted by Clairanne Pesce on Dec 01, 2020

While patient experience, satisfaction and recovery rates are wise metrics to evaluate a health system, there are routine occupants that simply need a more supportive built environment: the...


Incorporating Health and Wellness in Our Work

Posted by Clairanne Pesce on Dec 27, 2017

Array’s first wellness week and Movember initiatives have concluded, providing many takeaways for staff across our eight offices. Activities like mocktail happy hours, steps challenges and.....READ MORE

Topics: Health and Wellness, wellness week, Movember

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