Madeline Hill

I began my interior design career as an intern for Array, and concluded the summer as a full-time employee. At Array, I have the opportunity to explore my passion for interior design, critical space planning and innovative organization. While the psychology of healing spaces piqued my interest in healthcare design, ultimately the meticulous planning and spatial organization challenges and allows me to develop as a designer. From the architecture and planning, to the colors and textures in a space, I am inspired by the influence that healthcare designers have on the comfort, experience and well-being of patients, visitors, staff and caregivers.

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How My Interior Design Journey Led Me to Healthcare Design

Posted by Madeline Hill on Sep 23, 2015 at 8:00 AM

From as early as I can remember, I was designing. Whether it was creating decoupage plates with magazine clippings or rearranging the furniture in my room on a bi-weekly basis, I was always trying to make spaces and objects look and feel better. Growing up, I followed my mother around as she went to every furniture and home décor store we passed. It became both a bonding experience and a favorite pastime that we could share. I noticed that throughout the years, design became more and more prevalent in my life. My best friend’s mother owned a design firm, which she ran from their home. Although my friend thought that I was coming over to play or do homework together, more times than not I was sitting beside his mother, watching her draft by hand and asking her ‘why did you do that?’ after every line she made.

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