Top 10 Considerations When Renovating Patient Towers

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jan 17, 2014

Published in Medical Construction & Design, January 2014

The many benefits of caring for patients within a private room have been proven for decades.

Often, the benefits may be clear, but the...


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Northwell Health Zucker Hillside Behavioral Health Video Series

Posted by Jon Sell on Jan 10, 2014

Array collaborated closely with clinicians on the design of the new Zucker Hillside Hospital, opened in January 2013. The spatial organization supports each patient’s clinical, emotional and.....READ MORE

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Ten Ideas about Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Posted by Guest Contributor on Dec 18, 2013

BIM is a game changer

Adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) in architectural practices is not the same as what the industry experienced with transitioning to CAD 20 years ago. CAD simply.....READ MORE

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Creating Flexibility and Durability for Behavioral Health

Posted by Jon Sell on Dec 13, 2013

Published in Behavioral Healthcare, December 2013

For healthcare facility designers, flexibility has become a driving demand.Healthcare leaders find it hard to predict, with the coming changes in.....READ MORE

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Building Performance Evaluation as a Function of Distance and Time

Posted by Kent Doss on Dec 02, 2013

As a dedicated healthcare architect I’ve learned to approach design challenges with the goal of harmonizing requirements that are often diametrically opposed.While the personal environmental...


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Comforts of Home: Furnishing a Health Care Setting

Posted by Pat Malick on Nov 01, 2013

Published by Healthcare Construction + Operations, October 2013

In every space people use, furniture is needed and creates an impression. For a space to be functional as well as healing,.....READ MORE

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Friend or Foe?

Posted by Jennifer O'Donnell on Oct 25, 2013

Learning from and sharing knowledge with other industry professionals, even the competition, is what makes us all better at what we do

Focusing solely on the healthcare market, many methodologies.....READ MORE

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My Architectural Journey Continues

Posted by Guest Contributor on Oct 10, 2013

My decision to go into healthcare architecture was fairly simple. My previous experience interning at Array has shown me how rewarding working in the healthcare industry could be.The healthcare.....READ MORE

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The Retail Experience of Healthcare

Posted by Pat Malick on Oct 04, 2013

By Paula Crowley (Co-Founder, Anchor Health Properties) & Patricia Malick, CHID, EDAC, Lean Green Belt

Published in Facility Care, June 2012

Location. Location. Location.Much like a neighborhood.....READ MORE

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Ambulatory Healthcare Real Estate Strategies

Posted by Guest Contributor on Sep 25, 2013

Originally  printed in Medical Construction & Design, September 2013

“Location, Location, Location.” For years, real estate moguls have uttered this phrase to express the most important factor in.....READ MORE

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