Top 5 Healthcare Trends

Posted by Kent Doss on Feb 21, 2018

Originally published as part of Healthcare Design Magazine's Take 5 series in August 2017, this blog shares my thoughts on what I consider top healthcare trends: making the most of data gathering,.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Trends, Healthcare

Ambulatory Care: New England's Wicked Challenges

Posted by Guest Contributor on Dec 20, 2017

This blog concludes a three-part synopsis of a brainstorming session about ambulatory care facility development that Array co-sponsored in New England. As covered in Parts one and two, there are many.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Trends, Ambulatory Care, infrastructure, Design Challenges

Trends in Development of Medical Office Buildings

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 04, 2013

Published by Healthcare Global, December 2013. The delivery of healthcare is evolving due to healthcare reform initiatives based on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Nowhere is that more apparent than.....READ MORE

Topics: Design Trends, Planning, Medical Office Building (MOB), Architecture, Healthcare Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Advisory Services

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