Accommodating Community & Hospital Needs System-Wide, Part 2

Posted by Jason Lee on Nov 04, 2015

Large healthcare organizations that are actively merging with and/or acquiring facilities, as well as building new ground-up facilities for better healthcare offerings, need to consider overall..


Topics: facility planning, healthcare design, master planning, adaptability, design approach

Accommodating Community & Hospital Needs System-Wide, Part 1

Posted by Jason Lee on Sep 10, 2015

As healthcare systems continue to expand and evolve, a new challenge has emerged. Facilities, whether newly built or newly acquired, are bringing additional resources into the system. These new..


Topics: facility planning, healthcare design, master planning, adaptability

Enabler Projects: Preparing Your Campus for Major Changes

Posted by Ray Corby on May 27, 2015

Preparing a healthcare campus for a major transformation project requires many smaller projects to enable the building of the new facilities

As part of Array Architects’ extensive, network-wide ...


Topics: communication, facility planning

Six Considerations for Healthcare Facility Condition Assessments

Posted by Ray Corby on May 13, 2015

Featured in FacilityCare, January 2015Deciding you need a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) can often be the easiest part of getting it done. There are multiple variables to consider once you...


Topics: facility planning, building codes, Ray Corby, healthcare

The Purpose Behind an Interiors Standards Program

Posted by Pat Malick on Feb 27, 2015


The look, feel and overall condition of a healthcare facility speaks volumes to all who enter. A well-conceived interior standards program will set the bar for patient, visitor and staff.....READ MORE

Topics: facility planning, healthcare design

Simulation in Healthcare: Provide Higher Quality, Cost Effective Care

Posted by Laura Silvoy on Feb 23, 2015

An urban pediatric hospital on the east coast of the United States serves thousands of patients daily. Recently, in its continuous effort to improve the quality of service, this pediatric care...

Topics: simulation modeling, facility planning, Array, Discrete Event Simulation

Creating a "Roadmap" for Facility Upgrades

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on May 21, 2013

I am proud to have spent my career focused on healthcare architecture. Not only does the specialty move me as a planner and designer; it has great relevance in the world today

You can’t read a.....READ MORE

Topics: Lisa Lipschutz, architecture, facility planning, healthcare design, interior design, master planning, roadmap, continuous improvement, hospital design

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