Jonathan Bykowski

I have been committed to the healthcare industry since graduating from Philadelphia University with Bachelor degrees in both Interior Design and Architecture. Earning my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has only enhanced my drive to bring my best to the industry. I am a strong believer in multi-disciplinary collaboration during all phases of a project. Understanding how care givers will work and the specific needs of unique patient populations motivates me to push teams to the best possible solution. Please visit Array Advisors’ blog. for my thoughts on Transformation and Continuous Improvement.
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Simulation Modeling: Banishing the Benchmark

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Mar 07, 2013

While attending the recent Healthcare Systems Process Improvement conference in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to attend a symposium that explored simulation modeling and its role in healthcare.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, modeling, simulation, Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare

The Vision Before the Design: Empathy is the Key

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Dec 27, 2012

Successful projects require many components. Multi-disciplinary user groups, administrative support,process-led design, mock-ups and innovative technology all play key roles in a project meeting its.....READ MORE

Topics: Planning, Architecture, Healthcare Design, Architects, Continuous Improvement

Building Information Modeling – It’s Not Just for Clash Detection

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Sep 14, 2012

While Building Information Modeling (BIM) is widely accepted as a means to improve our construction documents and aid in field coordination, I saw little value to my teams during the early design.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), renovation, hospitals, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

Operational Planning and Continuous Design

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Jul 23, 2012

Healthcare facilities can be places of great hope and healing. Through their design they can offer patients, family members and staff access to restorative spaces, nature, respite and community all.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Specialty Architecture, Healthcare Design, renovation, hospitals, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Architects, Healthcare, Integrated Project Design/Delivery (IPD)

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