How to Navigate the Changing Healthcare Real Estate Market

Posted by Carl Davis on Apr 29, 2015

As we find ourselves in the midst of tremendous change and a fundamental shift in healthcare delivery, the importance of the right team of investment, design and building advisors cannot be.....READ MORE

Topics: developer, MOB, ambulatory care

Strategies for Healthcare Real Estate Development

Posted by Carl Davis on Feb 17, 2015

As the medical and healthcare industries continue to evolve, there are strategies that a Health System's developer/real estate representative and architect can utilize to help the System remain on.....READ MORE

Topics: developer, MOB, ambulatory care

Ambulatory Healthcare Real Estate Strategies

Posted by Adrian Hagerty on Sep 25, 2013

By Adrian Hagerty, AIA, LEED AP (printed in Medical Construction & Design, September 2013)

“Location, Location, Location.” For years, real estate moguls have uttered this phrase to express the most.....READ MORE

Topics: planning, MOB, architecture, ambulatory care, healthcare design, ACA, location, continuous improvement, hospital design

Trends in Development of Medical Office Buildings

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 04, 2013

Published by Healthcare Global, December 2013. The delivery of healthcare is evolving due to healthcare reform initiatives based on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Nowhere is that more apparent.....READ MORE

Topics: design trends, planning, MOB, medical office building, architecture, healthcare design, ACA, Affordable care act, continuous improvement, healthcare, advisory services, hospital design

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