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Design has always intrigued and excited me, and now that I live it, it has turned into much more. Understanding not only what goes into a building, but really delving into the details that affect the whole site and whether the building concept is achievable as desired, is powerful to harness.
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Zoning for Ambulatory Care Center Optimization

Posted by Julia Savastinuk on Feb 22, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Featured in Medical Construction & Design's December 2015 Newsletter.

A busy block in Brooklyn is the site of an Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) under construction. When a neighborhood such as this requires new infrastructure, executing the project often consists of overcoming many hurdles. As in many cities, New York has zoning resolutions, which often differ from one neighborhood to the next or overlap and intertwine, not always reflecting what the neighborhood may need. One thing nearly all zoning laws have in common is the arduous processes involved in wading through the text to find applicable provisions for each project. Once established, there is an even lengthier process for receiving variances or easements to overturn them to better suit a project’s needs.

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Topics: ambulatory care, design approach, zoning