Visualizing the Design Process: Part I

Posted by Alec Higinbotham on Jul 19, 2018

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The concept of “virtual reality” is not new, but its application within the design-construct environment
has only very recently come to the forefront of industry attention. Stereoscopic viewers like the View-
Master have been around for decades, yet, with the introduction of advanced tools and technologies we
find ourselves presented with new and exciting ways of consuming digital design information.

Watch on to discover how Array Architects has embraced the concept of “virtual reality” and has begun
integrating visualization tools to the daily design process.


In our next post, we’ll discuss the impact of virtual reality on design thinking in addition to the potential added benefits it provides for model integrity and fidelity throughout the evolution of a project. Click link below to view my Part II Visualization blog.

Link to Part II Visualization Blog

Topics: virtual reality, design process

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