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Patients Don't Like Waiting: Reducing Arrival Batch Decreases Wait Time

Posted by Laura Moran on Jan 06, 2016

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An infusion center is interested in seeing if smaller arrival groups can decrease patient waiting time. Array developed a simulation model to study this concept. Two types of patients, each with different hook up durations, are modeled. In each scenario, 20 patients are hooked up for dialysis treatment. For each patient, the length of time from arrival to the start of hook up was measured. This will be called “wait time.” The first scenario – “batch” – demonstrates what happens to waiting time when all 20 patients arrive at the treatment center at once. The second scenario – “stagger” – demonstrates the effect on waiting time when patients arrive in smaller groups of five, every 10 minutes. You can see the differences in the systems and the results side-by-side in the following video.


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