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Multi-Phase Pull Planning is a Team Effort 

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on Sep 18, 2015

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Last week, a cross-functional team representing Array’s design team, as well as all of the consultants and the Construction Manager gathered in our Philadelphia office for two days to kick off a client’s large expansion endeavor. In addition to getting to know each other, the group’s goal was to begin a pull plan for the project. Over the course of two days, we planned the first three phases of the project.

Pull Planning Post-itsEach discipline outlined their key tasks in service to the known milestones and “promised” to deliver specific components with each post-it. They, in turn, also made “requests” of other team members. These requests represent tasks that need to be completed in order for them to deliver on their promises.

It was a great session where expectations and workflow quickly aligned for everyone at the very beginning of the project. This sort of session can assist any project, regardless of size. In fact, this tool is very useful on smaller, faster projects.

“Starting with a blank board and unopened post-it notes, and finishing with a wall of organized goals across all disciplines put everyone on the same page. Having the session in person, where promises are made with eye contact instead of remotely with email exchanges set a very positive, collaborative tone,” noted Noah Tolson, an Array practice leader.

In addition to the regular meetings between team members, the whole team will re-group in five months (February 2016) to review progress and discuss future project phases.

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