The Evolving Processes of Lean Design and Construction

Posted by Guest Contributor on Feb 10, 2015

Concurrent with completing the largest Ambulatory Surgery Center on the East Coast, I had the opportunity to present our success with Building Information Modeling at the 16th Annual Lean Construction Institute Congress held in October 2014 in San Francisco.

Co-presenting with Turner Construction, we set the pace for the conference, kicking off the presentations to an audience of 150 people, with an hour and a half discussion on Leveraging BIM for Success. We each discussed our process of overcoming obstacles of the traditional Design – Bid – Build process.

Array’s integrated approach is grounded in process understanding and lean thinking, developing project-specific work plans as we define team involvement, phase durations and decision deadlines in relation to schedule and outcome.

By understanding the health system’s current operations, and clearly defining the target outcomes before we generate options, the entire team can map an optimal future state workflow and patient experience.  We will be able to accelerate the Creation and Solution phases with minimal rework, producing a tighter, more exact package that will minimize owner changes during construction.

Throughout the conference, people applauded Array’s lean approach, complimenting the clarity of our presentation and process. I learned that other firms who implement a lean process only incorporate lean processes to areas of design or use it as a tool, rather than integrate it into a revised design process like Array.

The conference was a great venue for lean design and construction knowledge sharing as well as discussion among construction managers and architects involved in the healthcare industry.

Blog written by Jason Lee, former Principal and Studio Director with Array.

Topics: Knowledge Sharing, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Lean Design

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