IPD: An Action Guide for Leaders

Posted by Guest Contributor on Jun 05, 2018

Array has long been an advocate of looking for ways to improve our contribution to our clients’ value chain. While there are many ways to do this, we believe that embracing the Integrated Project Delivery model is one way to achieve this. Array has completed eight projects of various sizes, from $25M renovations to $300M greenfield hospitals. With each project we have come away with valuable experiences, and a deeper appreciation of our team’s perspectives. While every project has been defined by our clients as successful, Array continues to believe there is much more that can be achieved for both the owner and the AEC teams when all team members come to the very first meeting thirsting to contribute more.

I was delighted when asked to participate as part of the IPD Advisory Council at the Center for Education and Research in Construction of the Department of Construction Management at the University of Washington. At these workshops, the IPD Advisory Council—a group of 19 IPD-experienced industry professionals, representing public and private owners, contractors, architects and trades from across the US and Canada—gathered with our subject matter experts to discuss choosing IPD and establishing goals; actions for when things go wrong; project processes and tools; legal and commercial management; and, team culture strategies and best practices.  

Integrated Project Delivery: An Action Guide For LeadersThese workshop conversations were recorded, transcribed and then expanded on by the core team. A completed draft of the IPD Guide was then peer reviewed by a group of 18 industry professionals and academic experts. Following the peer review, the core team integrated the reviewers’ comments into the Guide, creating the Guide you see here. Understanding the dynamic nature of IPD and the building industry, this Guide represents IPD as it is currently practiced.

Array continues to learn from others and this opportunity was no different. The Guide which resulted from the persistent hard work of the group is an excellent read to better understand the initial steps needed to get a project started--including whether the project and you are right for IPD. It discusses core IPD requirements and tasks, outlines the work that is needed to keep an IPD project organized and finishes with a discussion of what can go wrong and what to do about it. It also includes examples of tools and forms that can be used or modified for an IPD project.

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