EcoTherapy and its Positive Effects on Healing Environments

Posted by Kent Doss on Jun 18, 2015

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Imagine what it would have been like to be hospitalized 200 years ago…you were probably in a dimly lit, poorly ventilated ward with dozens of other patients…you would have been exposed to all manner of infections and maladies in surroundings that that did very little to actually help in the healing process. With these images in mind, it is easy to be deeply grateful for the amazing advances that have been made in medicine and in today's healing environments that are designed to expedite the healing process – but we should always challenge ourselves to do more.

I invite you to take a 10-minute break and contemplate the potential benefits of ecotherapy and then join the conversation by sharing your comments and personal stories.

Link to Kent Doss' EcoTherapy video on Wistia

Topics: ecotherapy, Healing Environment

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