Tony Caputo

From an early age, I knew my career would be in architecture. From the details of design come great collaborative spaces, and I love to see my projects in use. From technically challenging surgical spaces to soaring and welcoming lobbies, there is a purpose behind each of my designs that I hope will have an effect on all who pass through the space.
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Making the Best Use of Solar Exposure

Posted by Tony Caputo on Jan 10, 2018

Originally published in Medical Design & Construction.

Healthcare systems are challenging the value of delivery of care versus facility ownership and management. Many are questioning initial.....READ MORE

Topics: solar gain, Cost Reduction Strategies, solar exposure

Overbuild Project: Unlimited Questions, Limitless Design Opportunities

Posted by Tony Caputo on Aug 05, 2016

When the need arises for a healthcare system to expand its real estate, realign its programmatic adjacencies or analyze its lack of available land for expansion, the ensuing conversations may..


Topics: Healthcare Design, Project Considerations

Knowledge Sharing at the Revit Technology Conference

Posted by Tony Caputo on Jul 09, 2015

The fifth North America Revit Technology Conference will occur on July 23 – 25 in Washington D.C. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to network, learn from experts and knowledge-share..


3D Design Challenge Series, Part III

Posted by Tony Caputo on Nov 04, 2014

After several weeks of deliberations and, consultation with experts from the design and 3D printing world, Array is ready to reveal the winners of the 3D design challenge. This challenge took.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, makerbot, 3D printing

3D Design Challenge Series, Part II

Posted by Tony Caputo on Jul 22, 2014

After three weeks of adjustments to virtual models, 3D print testing, mentoring across offices, we now have our second round finalists’ prototypes! It has been rewarding to watch the growth of our.....READ MORE

Topics: 3D printing

3D Design Challenge Series, Part I

Posted by Tony Caputo on May 29, 2014

To enhance Array's strong design culture and provide a forum for mentorship, the firm's practice area leaders began a 3D Design Challenge series. Staff members formally submitted design concepts.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, makerbot, 3D printing

Atria - from Courtyard to Front Door and Other Places Inbetween

Posted by Tony Caputo on Feb 21, 2014

An Atrium, as technically defined by the International Building Code (IBC) is an opening within a building connecting two or more stories, other than enclosed stairways, elevators, hoist ways,.....READ MORE

Topics: solar gain, Architecture, Healthcare Design, central, atrium, courtyard, hospitals, Continuous Improvement, Advisory Services