Ryan Keszczyk

As an architectural designer for Array, I get the opportunity to change lives in a positive way through the built environment. The healthcare industry is one that is continuously changing and adapting with new technology, allowing designers to adapt and transform with the changing trends. As a healthcare designer, my every decision throughout the design process directly impacts the well-being and comfort of both patient and caregiver.

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Why Current and Future State Mapping is Crucial

Posted by Ryan Keszczyk on Oct 28, 2016

We are continually looking for ways to transform the way we design, as well as how we involve our clients and end-users early on in our design approach. Mapping current and future states has.....READ MORE

Topics: Future State Mapping, Current State Mapping

My Architectural Journey Continues

Posted by Ryan Keszczyk on Oct 10, 2013

My decision to go into healthcare architecture was fairly simple. My previous experience interning at Array has shown me how rewarding working in the healthcare industry could be.The healthcare.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, Knowledge Sharing, Architects, Continuous Improvement

Why I Became a Healthcare Architect

Posted by Ryan Keszczyk on Aug 21, 2012

As for most seniors in high school, deciding which college to attend was one of the hardest life decisions I had to make up to that point. I knew very little about what type of college I wanted.....READ MORE

Topics: furniture, Architecture, Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Charity Hospital, hospitals, Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare