Parker Cutler

I am a recent graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Interior Design. I was thrilled to be offered a full-time position and become fully involved in healthcare design after beginning my time at Array as an intern. I have always been drawn to healthcare design because of the exciting challenge it presents in complying with strict requirements while creating a beautiful space. Our profession can have a meaningful impact on people through healing and comforting environments when they are needed the most, and that drives my passion for the design industry.
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How the Mock-Up Process Helps Us  Better Design for the Client’s Workflow

Posted by Parker Cutler on Sep 05, 2019

Array was recently engaged to work on a new primary care clinic for a pediatric health system. The clinic will function as the headquarters for primary care and will host 30 exam rooms. The users...


Topics: mock-ups, Process-Led Design, pediatric design