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After earning my bachelor degree in Architecture from Temple University, I joined Array and have spent the majority of my architecture career as a design-oriented healthcare planner. I have developed specific expertise in the planning and design of large-scale Greenfield facility projects – including those dedicated to behavioral health and physical rehabilitation.
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Designing Behavioral Health Environments to Avoid Seclusion

Posted by Jon Sell on Jul 30, 2021

An emerging best practice for behavioral health environments is to design spaces that minimize or eliminate areas where patients are secluded or restrained. The aim is to develop an environment.....READ MORE

Topics: Behavioral Health Design

AIA Webinar: Building a Framework for Behavioral Health Design

Posted by Jon Sell on Mar 10, 2020

Recently, Pat Malick and I were invited to present a webinar sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and their Academy of Architecture for Health. We focused the presentation around our.....READ MORE

Topics: Pediatrics, Behavioral Health Design, webinar

Converting a Medical/Surgery Unit to Suit Behavioral Health Standards

Posted by Jon Sell on Jan 20, 2017

This blog was featured in MC+D's December 2018 E-Newsletter. Read that version here. 

As part of a multi-site Behavioral Health Initiative (BHI) for Mercy Health, Array converted a shuttered.....READ MORE

Topics: Patient Environment, case study, Behavioral Health Design

Northwell Health Zucker Hillside Behavioral Health Video Series

Posted by Jon Sell on Jan 10, 2014

Array collaborated closely with clinicians on the design of the new Zucker Hillside Hospital, opened in January 2013. The spatial organization supports each patient’s clinical, emotional and.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Evidence Based Design (EBD), Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Architects, Interior Architecture, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Behavioral Health Design

Creating Flexibility and Durability for Behavioral Health

Posted by Jon Sell on Dec 13, 2013

Published in Behavioral Healthcare, December 2013

For healthcare facility designers, flexibility has become a driving demand.Healthcare leaders find it hard to predict, with the coming changes in.....READ MORE

Topics: Architecture, Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Healing Environment, Behavioral Health Design

A Salutogenic Approach to Designing Behavioral Health Facilities

Posted by Jon Sell on Sep 23, 2013

Salutogenesis is a term coined by Aaron Antonovsky, a professor of medical sociology and is derived from a mix of Greek and Latin that roughly translates to “health origins” and describes an.....READ MORE

Topics: Planning, Architecture, Healthcare Design, Continuous Improvement, Healing Environment, Behavioral Health Design

Lean Applied to Designing a Dialysis Unit

Posted by Jon Sell on Oct 17, 2012

Recently engaged to design a new Dialysis Unit for a large New York City Hospital, Array approached the client to see if they would be open to us observing clinicians in the workspace to gain an.....READ MORE

Topics: ideal state, Future State Mapping, Architecture, Lean, Healthcare Design, Interior Design, Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals, dialysis, Architects, Continuous Improvement, Healthcare

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