Ionex Cruz-Sanyet

Art in different forms has been a constant in my life. Growing up in Puerto Rico as the son of a visual artist, I spent more than 20 years playing in the island’s local rock scene while working in my dad’s art workshop. During my years in college I obtained degrees in communications and architecture. All these experiences informed me to be the eternal apprentice I am today. After obtaining a M. Arch from the Universidad de Puerto Rico in 2009, I went to work for an architecture firm in Luquillo, PR where I had experiences in residential, institutional and healthcare projects as well as designing and building cutting edge furniture and millwork for healthcare offices. In 2014 I moved to Dallas, TX to work in a local office, mostly on healthcare projects. In 2016 I began to work for Array Architects where I am dedicated to be a team player within my colleagues and to the design craft of healthcare spaces which gives me the ability to influence someone’s recovery after an illness or injury.

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Horton Hears A Woof! - A Teacup Pup Doghouse

Posted by Ionex Cruz-Sanyet on Mar 04, 2019

For the third year, Array Architects participated in the Bark + Build Doghouse Design/Build Competition in Dallas, TX. Our local Dallas office partnered this year with Vaughn Construction. Array’s