Healthcare for Women Veterans - an Emerging Market

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Jun 17, 2014

The Veterans Administration (VA) has recognized the importance of providing female-specific services and has embarked on a national initiative to invest in VA Women’s Health Services. Their.....READ MORE

Topics: Lisa Lipschutz, ambulatory care, healthcare design, women, continuous improvement, womens healthcare

The Emphasis on Women’s Health in Today’s World

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Feb 18, 2014

Women’s health matters and the facilities that support the delivery of women’s services impact the care and results. I have a passion for women’s health having worked on the majority of Array’s.....READ MORE

Topics: Lisa Lipschutz, children, healthcare design, women, women & children, continuous improvement, healthcare, advisory services, hospital design, Healing Environment

Creating a "Roadmap" for Facility Upgrades

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on May 21, 2013

I am proud to have spent my career focused on healthcare architecture. Not only does the specialty move me as a planner and designer; it has great relevance in the world today

You can’t read a.....READ MORE

Topics: Lisa Lipschutz, architecture, facility planning, healthcare design, interior design, master planning, roadmap, continuous improvement, hospital design

Differences Between SNFs and LTACHs

Posted by Lisa Lipschutz on Jun 14, 2012

While sharing a common mission to provide a safe, nurturing long-term care environment for their residents, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) and Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH) function.....READ MORE

Topics: Lisa Lipschutz, LTACH, architecture, specialty architecture, healthcare design, Array, renovation, hospitals, SNF, architects, continuous improvement, healthcare, advisory services, hospital design, array architects

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