Safer Interiors by Design

Posted by Karen Allen on Jan 11, 2013

Foremost in the mind of a healthcare interior designer is to provide an interior environment that trulyis contributing to the healing process of its inhabitants. At no point should the design, the.....READ MORE

Topics: architecture, healthcare design, interior design, ACA, KarenAllen, Array, architects, continuous improvement, hospital design, array architects

The Wax-Free Patient Care Tower

Posted by Karen Allen on Jun 18, 2012

Featured in Facility Care, July 15, 2014.

With environmental and health concerns top-of-mind, when discussion turns to new flooring standards at hospitals, the administration’s preference often .....READ MORE

Topics: architecture, waxfree, healthcare design, interior design, KarenAllen, Array, renovation, hospitals, architects, continuous improvement, healthcare, hospital design, array architects

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