Matthew Waychoff

Having enthusiastically aligned my career w/technology for the A/E/C/O industry, I have been extremely fortunate to practice at a high level now for over 20 years. My work experiences have led me from Boston to San Francisco, from high design to manufacturing, from private to public corporations, from being sole proprietor to federal government staff member and from virtual framing residential houses to energy use simulations for federal courthouses. All throughout I have been hyper focused on diligent creative problem solving related to teams better modeling our built environment. It is from these varied perspectives that I have developed both a broad understanding of technology use in design, procurement, assembly and operations of buildings as well as a deep mastery of many data modeling tools in today's professional facility lifecycle workflows. I am very excited for the opportunity to apply my skills to discovering new value-added building information model management services in the healthcare industry. I am in particular most interested in researching and developing new service offerings related to BIM for healthcare facilities management.

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The Time is Now for Array Facility Informatics

Posted by Matthew Waychoff on Jun 17, 2016 at 3:38 PM

Over the past few years, it has become my advanced position that reality can be captured, augmented and made virtual through big data to create a digital mirror of the physical world and maintained in near real time. More importantly, it is now intuitive to me that an intangible shadow of a tangible building can be of great value to the healthcare industry were it to exist. As part of Array's team, it is now my great pleasure and strong intention to pursue making some aspects of building information model (BIM) management for facilities management pragmatic for select stakeholders as soon as possible.

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Topics: building information modeling, BIM4FM