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Throughout my career, healthcare has always intrigued both the designer and technical sides of my profession. There is so much that can be done to facilitate a healing environment. I also enjoy the challenging side, such as adapting older facilities to be not only code- and ADA-compliant, but also to bring out their intrinsic design. One of my specialties is lab design; the idea of having an impact on such a central service drives me to find highly-efficient layouts and workflows for each space while still creating a pleasant workspace – “there are no purely technical solutions in healthcare!”
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Work with the Bones - 5 Tips to Redesign Old Buildings for Healthcare

Posted by Martin Reddy on Apr 07, 2016 at 9:09 AM

Some buildings are historic — some are just old.

In most of Washington, DC, and certain historic districts in neighboring Virginia and Maryland, many of these older structures can’t be demolished or significantly altered on the exterior.

On the interior, they often have narrow column spacing, relatively low floor-to-floor heights, and congested mechanical and electrical rooms, as well as ADA issues with entrances, toilets, elevators and stairs. Potential hazardous materials and abandoned legacy infrastructure offer another layer of challenge. Many older buildings have “good bones” – but they need more than a facelift to accommodate modern medicine. Here are some creative solutions to work with the building’s bones.

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