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I have over 20 years of experience in architecture with a focused expertise in behavioral health in my time with Array. I have extensive experience in facilitating renovations, additions and major, multimillion dollar projects.
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IPD: Long-Term Consistency Across Teams and Health System Campuses

Posted by Joe Doherty on Mar 17, 2016

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach joins the owner, architect and contractor into a single collaborative team. Ideally, this approach will optimize project results, increase value to..


Topics: behavioral healthcare, integrated project delivery

Revisions to the 2014 Guidelines for Psychiatric Hospitals

Posted by Joe Doherty on Dec 08, 2014

Several changes to the 2014 FGI Guidelines affect the physical space for behavior health spaces in stand-alone centers and in-hospital behavioral health units.

Section 2.5–2.2 General Psychiatric...


Topics: behavioral health, facilities guidelines institute, guidelines

Simple and Elegant Solutions for Behavioral Healthcare

Posted by Joe Doherty on Sep 09, 2014

Featured in Behavioral Healthcare, July 2014.

The design solutions for behavioral health facilities often requires unique innovations for common problems faced by caregivers on a daily basis. The.....READ MORE

Topics: behavioral health, antiligature

How the Proposed Revisions to the 2014 FGI Guidelines Will Affect Behavioral Health

Posted by Joe Doherty on Oct 11, 2012

Many of the changes to Chapter 2.5 for the design of Psychiatric Facilities are benign.There are a few subtle wording changes that do affect the meaning of the sections of the Guidelines they.....READ MORE

Topics: architecture, FGI, ACA, behavioral healthcare, hospitals, architects, continuous improvement, healthcare, hospital design

Proper Materials for Risk Reduction in Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

Posted by Joe Doherty on Jun 14, 2012

When conceptualizing the design or renovation of a behavioral healthcare facility, it’s important to institute features and materials that are conducive to privacy and personal dignity.Maintaining.....READ MORE

Topics: risk reduction, architecture, specialty architecture, healthcare design, renovation, behavioral healthcare, antiligature, hospitals, architects, continuous improvement, healthcare, hospital design

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